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The IN.CON.TATTO association was founded as an opportunity to develop the dissemination, knowledge, practice and teaching of disciplines that tend to favor the achievement of an inner balance (physical and mental) of the individual and the his general well-being, and, through it, to its conscious integration in daily life.
That is, a space where you can explore the boundaries between the inside and what surrounds us, in an individual process but also with the group, through forms of contact, with themselves and with others.
The common ground derived from our background, leads us to want to give particular attention to the discipline of yoga, dance, meditation, massage and all those disciplines related to them and the like.

Yoga, Iyengar method, taught in this center is a deep method, intelligent and transformative.
It ‘a system of yoga that comes from thorough research, developed over more than 80 years, from Yogacharya BKS Iyengar, Indian teacher of world renown, (1918-2014), who throughout his life has practiced, studied, taught the discipline of yoga, writing several books about it.
What is unique dell’Iyengar Yoga is an innovative approach in the practice and teaching of asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath control), which is emphasized precision, alignment, careful observation to detail which, with the sequence and timing of duration of the planned positions and the use of specific tools, make it a revolutionary method in the history of yoga.
In each asana each body part is being considered with great precision, and this helps to develop strength, flexibility, balance and concentration.
This approach to yoga has enabled people of different ages, with different health and physical training, to be able to enjoy all the benefits of a complete yoga practice can give – the ability to face the challenges that modern life can lead physical, mental and emotional, with strength, vitality, intelligence, thoughtfulness and equanimity.