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Touching each other, touch the God in me and in all things … “Margaret Elke
The massage sensory gestalt is a method of work on the body which consists of a set of massage refined techniques on the cot. Created by Margaret Elke in 1968, as a result of its active participation in ‘ “Human Potential Movement” Esalen, California, it embodies the principles of a movement that has supported the development of innovative holistic theories and practices to a conscious human evolution.
The MSG® respects the human being in all his psychological aspects, physical and spiritual; It recognizes the self-healing ability of the body and acts as a process of “rebonding, reunification, which promotes the re-emergence and the activation of this capacity.
It honors the body in its complexity and in its mystery and considers it as a point of departure and arrival for any process of awareness and personal growth.

The MSG® is a massage that is practiced on the bed, supine, prone and / or side, using oil, and creams; a variant can be practiced on an ergonomic chair, directly on the suit the customer.
L ‘operator accompanies the person who gets into a deep listening space of the body and the feelings that come with it. Through sequences of well-defined movements, structuring and unifying, the MSG® has the effect of restoring to conscious memory a more balanced image of the body, favoring those who receive the feeling of unification and harmonization of the various parts between them and the whole body with the psyche.
This body awareness induces a listen and a broader view of themselves: in receiving abound feelings of inner peace, calm, acceptance, self-love and an amplified feeling of pleasure and sensuality that awaken the innocent pleasure of the whole body. In this sense, the MSG® facilitates a deeper acceptance and appreciation of self and promotes a better relationship intra and inter-personal.

The technique
The refined technique, creative, effective aims to awaken the senses, quieting the mind in a loving and intuitive and giving free rein to creativity and joy to feel and to express themselves.
Thanks to a respectful touch, full of loving and nourishing care, creating a relaxing and calming effect that relieves tension and stimulates the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, allowing a free flow of energy.
The manipulations and strains, also made in depth, working on customer resistance, but never operate without forcing, stimulating, on the contrary, the body awareness, respiratory and emotional and thus promoting the dissolution of psychosomatic blocks of the receiver and the his relaxation.

Meaning of the name M.S.G.
Massage as it uses a variety of stretching, mobilization, rocking, vibration, kneading, stroking targeted at stimulating the nerve-process in the recipient and to arouse feelings of unification, energizing and grounding.
The quality of respect and profound listening to those who give the massage allows you to find and contact the sacredness of the body, which is the prerequisite of this approach, without which even the most refined technique becomes mechanical application of a scheme lifeless. Touching a human being is undoubtedly an act of deep communication, and body contact is the oldest form of communication that belongs to all from before birth. It ‘a need often denied to ourselves, which does not allow us to fully recognize the profound regenerating and communicative value of physical contact. Through it, in fact we can get in a deep connection with ourselves and with each other that can not be expressed in words.

Sensitive is the contact with the skin, which is the largest gateway to awareness of ourselves; part of the body and through it can get to touch emotions and memories inscribed in it that can make us contact an awareness and a broader view of ourselves.

Use the principles of Gestalt, psycho-therapy founded by Fritz Perls in the forties, who claimed the necessity of “feel at body level to be in the here and now”, allowing yourself to perceive the integrity of the body and its “form”.
The process of getting in touch with yourself through the body leads us to experience the “here and now.” This is one of the principles cornerstones of Gestalt therapy, which is adopted nell’MSG® through breathing techniques, body imagination, the appropriate use of verbal feedback, and, on the specific plan of massage with the use of frequent unifying manual that return a sense of wholeness to the body. The latter is thus perceived as an integrated whole. The accuracy of the manual outlining the various parts of the body stimulates the recipient awareness of their body image.

The structure of this massage several stages (which basically reflect the cycle of Gestalt contact: pre-contact, full contact, post-contact)
Pre-contact is a sort of asking permission for the physical contact and an opportunity to establish a respiratory connection between operator and receiver, unifying oliaggio and dance of massage;
Integration is the stage of physical contact leads to total rooting process of the recipient’s body and an invitation to an integration for the receiver, left covered by the sheet for a few minutes in a space of silence, as an opportunity to hear from inside the He lived experience resonance.
Awakening: they are techniques of stimulation and activation to bring the receiver from a listening space and reception to one of active responsibility space.
verbal feedback: through the final feedback bodily experience does not end in itself, but leaves the trace memory of the living word it generates. It stimulates the understanding of how we take old patterns tied to a vision of ourselves often limited. The receiver is thus not treated as a passive receiver of manual dexterity, but as the protagonist, the main architect of its own well-being, through the awakening of the attention and consciousness.

Also the operator, through a conscious path of anatomy and the use of appropriate postures, learn to take care of themselves at all times of the massage, balancing your energy and avoiding fatigue and depletion in favor of the customer.
He learns to allow the energy from the foot and hara rise up on the hands, in a spontaneous way, like a dance, and being transferred to the recipient in a very profound manner.

The training program enables the operator to learn to listen and to enter into a space of acceptance, defined as an attitude of non-judgment and loving witness of the physical and emotional state of the receiver. This understanding for the operator becomes the key to open our hearts to a vital energy wave and empathic connection, which allows the communicative act.
The awareness that emerges can bring a broader vision of themselves as we are allowed to feel peace, serenity, love for oneself.

The Course Level I-base / amateur, is structured in 5 monthly weekend, to learn the basic techniques of MSG® experiencing the endless communication possibilities of the touch when it is characterized by the presence and deep listening to yourself and the other .
The MSG® basic course is intended not only to the operators of the sector and Holistic Bionaturali disciplines, but in general to all those who wish to discover and explore the beneficial effect of communication through contact, to encourage an improvement in psychological well-being of receiving both personally and in the family and social relationships.

Program Course Amateur of MassaggioSensitivoGestaltico® Base

1st Weekend
“Touch, Feel, I communicate”
The basics of physical contact on the massage table.

2nd weekend
“The Gate of sensitivity: rediscover the Skin l ° …”
Massage on the bed with the oil: legs and prone setting.

3rd Weekend
“The Gate of sensitivity: rediscover the Skin II …”
Massage on the bed with the oil: legs / feet and his back setting.

4th Weekend
“The presence and connection in Respiratory ContattoFisico”
Massage on the bed with the oil: the back, chest and neck.

5th Week end
“The Mystery of the Communication”
Massage on the bed with the oil: arms, hands, head.
Training Massage Sensitive Gestalt is completed with a second year entered into more general training in Filosomatica, Counseling holistic body-oriented.