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Iyengar Yoga is for all ages, for all body types, and tuti d fitness levels. Each course is planned and organized in a systematic way so as to allow students to practice all the different categories of asana, and, at a more advanced level, pranayama.
The practice of yoga postures every category allows the body to grow organically, and the consciousness to expand.

Course levels

For students with little or no experience of yoga: the basic principles are taught the practice, while students begin with the standing poses, to re-establish the fundamental principles of alignment of the body through a systematic work of stretching and realignment, and gradually come introduced the most comprehensive range of yoga poses. It develops coordination, confidence and vitality.

Level I
For students with a basic experience of nell’Iyengar yoga positions.
Consolidate the knowledge acquired on preliminary positions, they introduce new asanas, including Sarvangasana (balance on the shoulders) and examines some aspects of the practice. It develops strength, endurance, flexibility.
Introduction to the work on the breath.

Level II
Level students with a substantial practice of Iyengar yoga that have rooted the knowledge of I. We will study new positions included Sirsasana, balance on your arms, and backbends.
It introduces the pranayanma.

Level III
For students with a solid understanding of the basic positions, which are ready to expand their study and their practice with more demanding positions. It requires the practice of independent Sirsasana.
They are invited to make personal practice.
It deepens the study of pranayama.

Yoga in pregnancy
Emphasis is given to the postures that strengthen the muscles in the pelvis and the reproductive system, positions that relieve tension in the lower back and strengthen it all back, and was followed a practice that helps to maintain physical and mental well-being and peace of mind during the entire gestation period.